Ghost Stories

At the point when I began showing English at Northwestern Military and Naval Academy close to  ตำนานลึกลับ  Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, no one cautioned me about the phantoms. Northwestern – a lovely, old stone structure – was an all inclusive school. A hundred young men lived there, running in age from seventh grade through twelfth, in spite of the fact that the structure could have obliged perhaps twice the same number of. The school had been in presence for about a century. The lobby prompting the exercise room was fixed with photos of all the graduating classes The passageway to the school highlighted two created iron entryways and a long carport that injury through the broad grounds. Trees, blossoms and bushes added to the recreation center like environment. Northwestern was both a military and a maritime foundation, and a portion of its alumni had served in World War I and World War II. Two or three the individuals who had been executed in real life were covered on the grounds. Thinking about the age of the structure and its history, I guess I ought to have anticipated phantoms – or rather, I ought to have expected apparition stories. In any case, I didn’t. Not until one fall morning when my understudies came to class so resentful that they couldn’t focus on their school work. “Do you have confidence in phantoms?” one of them asked at last. “No doubt, Ms. Ralph. Do you have confidence in phantoms?” a few others ringed in. While I was going to the college to procure my instructor affirmation, none of the educators had referenced how you should deal with an inquiry like this. “Well,” I stated, “I think there are likely numerous things in this world that we don’t comprehend.” At this point, the entirety of my understudies were giving me their most extreme consideration. In the event that solitary they were this keen on English. “Have you at any point seen an apparition?” one of them inquired. I shook my head. “No. I’ve never observed an apparition.” “We have,” said one youngster. “Truly?” I said. “Furthermore, when was this?” “The previous evening.” “In our room.” “We did, as well,” said two or three others. “What occurred?” I inquired. “It was soon after lights out. Our blind began moving.” Rather than entryways, every one of the apartments had blinds covering the entryway. “From the start I thought it was the sergeant coming to keep an eye on us,” my understudy said. Military staff were on the job nonstop to oversee the young men.